The Wadden Sea Centre

I am and have been for a long time a huge fan of architecture. I find it very inspiring how the buildings we look at and live in have such an impact on our quality of life.  

How is the light coming in, what materials makes sense in this part of the world, how can we build with the environment in mind,  how is the tactile experience, what view do we want.. and hundreds of other questions is exactly what I find so interesting when creating new architecture.

This weekend I visited the ‘Wadden Sea Centre’ created by architect Dorte Mandrup. It’s located in the South West of Denmark close to the wadden sea which is known for its nature and huge concentration of birds. 

I was super exited to see this in real life as I believe its the perfect answer to modern architecture with the history in mind. I love the thatch roof going all the way to the ground, the clean lines created with wooden slats and the atrium garden with plants from the area. Everything is very tactile and the brown/grey tones are blending in so well in the natural surroundings. What a dream project.

Find out more about the Wadden Sea Centre here.