Under water collection

UNDER WATER. When you dive under the sea a whole new world full of life reveals itself to be explored. Engaging colours, spectacular shapes and beautiful fish provide the framework for this amazing underwater world.

Six years ago I took my diving certificate in Malaysia. At that time I honestly did not know what to expect. But I was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed by all the beauty I met beneath the surface and in my excitement I wanted everybody else to have this experience. It is like looking at a large, ever-changing piece of art.

The new “Under water collection” is inspired by the shapes, patterns and structures you find under the sea. They are all made with watercolours to reflect the organic shapes and the floating life. When you dive under the surface the red colour is the first one to disappear. The blue is the last one.

The “Under water” collection is available in the shop right here

Photo/styling by Silke Bonde

Silke Bonde diving