Silke Bonde christmas

Merry Christmas

I can’t believe it’s already December! 

Copenhagen is grey and rainy these days but that doesn’t change my Christmas mood at all. At home we have a Christmas calendar for each day in December made by my sweet mother in law and tonight I will drink Glögg (warm sweet wine) with my friends. So Christmas is starting very well this year. 

The next thing is Christmas shopping! Every year I plan to buy Christmas gifts in the beginning of December to avoid any last minute frustrations but unfortunately it rarely turns out that way. I will try my best this year. 


Christmas gifts for him

The other day I noticed that my absolutely best seller the “Blue world” art print are sold mostly to men. I was quite surprised and happy! I love that it appeals to men and the fact that they want to hang it in their homes. So ladies out there, this is actually a gift idea for your men from me to you ;) 

Blue world art print. 


All my art prints are always sent in cardboard tubes. Today I made a simple and natural gift wrapping to demonstrate how easy it is to make them beautiful for Christmas. Just a simple little branch or flower from the garden can make such a huge difference. 


Remember if you buy two or more art prints you will get free shipping by using the promo code silkebonde16. You can also buy an art print and a suitable frame and get free shipping. 


Wish you a wonderful Christmas! 

Silke Bonde christmas
Silke Bonde christmas