In the fall 2015 I went to Tokyo for a few days as a part of a longer trip to Asia. 

From the first day in Tokyo I was overwhelmed by all the nuances and differences that is represented in the city. I noticed all the green plants growing from every little spot in the city which I found very refreshing and also act as a huge contrast to the busy life and the tall modern buildings. If you like design, architecture and food Tokyo is the place to be!  Make sure to visit one of Tokyo’s observation decks to have a beautiful overview of the city. I saw the city from Poppongi Hills


Design stores to visit: 




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Areas to visit: 

Shibuya – Shibuya crossing is a must see. 

Omote-sando – Make sure to visit all the small streets around Omote-sando st. here you will find a huge amount of cozy cafés, beautiful architecture and many cool design and clothing shops. 

Daikan-yama- This is a very charming area with great food and many beautiful design shops. A very modern part of the city. 

Harajuku – Make sure to visit the beautiful Yoyogi park and spot all the young trendy looking people hanging out close to the entrance. 

Check out this guide to Tokyo by Designsponge. 

I can’t wait to come back and explore the city even more. 
Photos by Silke Bonde